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Thursday, 2 June 2016


Lets talk tattoos......

I was raised that tattoos were EVIL and disgusting.... that it was a desecration of the body, of God's Temple. Henceforth, I always thought that those who had tattoos were not very nice people, that they were all scary and bad. So, I did the same with my sons.... I threatened them with certain DEATH should they ever even think of coming home and saying "hey Mom, check out my tattoo."

So all it was with them was talk, of how they would just get one.It shows you how ignorant one can be, how closed and narrow minded the previous generation was. Or rather how we were taught and how we carry on the tradition with our kids. Needless to say, that has all changed. My outlook in life has taken a drastic change. What caused that change, you wonder..... But believe it or not but a cheating husband did that and opened my eyes to the real world around me.

I had seperated from my now ex and started to realise that I had been living a lie my whole life. I was not the person I should be but what everyone else wanted me to be.... My eyes had been opened, the scales had fallen from them....

And what was one of the first things I went and did...... Yes, I went and got myself a TATTOO..... a small and meaningful one that is private. And yes, I am a Christian woman as well.... I had prayed over it and was never convicted.

So, I get home afterwards and show my sons that I went and did what I had always told them not to..... Yip you can imagine the reaction....... The horror of the fact that I went and had it done.... BEFORE any of them could do it.......

But yes, people judge way too quickly especially if they see a person with ink on them. To me it must have a meaning to it. Not a frivolous marking that you will regret later on in life. Think well before you decide to do it as it is for life. To those that ink there whole body, well, that is their own choosing and most of the time every single ink has a meaning to them.

My middle son has since gone out and had 2 tattoos. One is a huge heart tree on his back ( which was very sore) and is stunning, the other is also a personal one on his inner arm with the words and writing of his beloved late granny.

So yes, one needs to realise that not every person with a tattoo is evil and nasty, they have meaning, whether sentimental or inspirational a tattoo is a piece of themselves that they are putting on display for the world (or like me in private).

As to desecration the Temple of God (our body), I think one needs to realise that the times have changed and folk should not take the Bible and the Word so literally. To me it is a guideline on how to live, to inspire and to take wisdom from. I still feel no condemnation over my tattoo and I know that the Good Man Upstairs loves me and knows why I needed to do it. He is a Gracious God not a condemning One. And folk should not throw stones in glass houses I always say.

Find out what the person is like under the skin and not judge by the outer appearance. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you find.