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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dreams on hold again.

Sitting here feeling frustrated with my life right now. I feel lost and unsure of things at the moment. I know the saying of if you don't like your life change it but sometimes it's a bit hard to change if you are dependent on a person. I am trying hard to smile and change my attitude but am really feeling deflated and to an extent feel "robbed" of what I really wanted to do.

In my heart of hearts I want to travel and see the country and the world. But it means finances and that I don't have anymore. Here I sit again being sucked into a domestic life.

I had that for over 26 years and now I want to live my life the way I want. Now I am back to square one again. This is not how I want to live. Broken dreams again. Put on hold for what.....because of my own stupidity of letting a man take from me again.

I have not learnt a bloody thing it seems. Surely there is more to life than this. Stranded like a fool of my own making. I have an urgent need to experience new and different and exciting things. Life is getting short and I have sow much more I want to experience and learn and see.

All put on hold for what? Fustration at its peak... anybody out there who can hear my cries.....