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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Goodbye 2016

Last night I lay in bed awake for a long time. At times like that I tend to mull over my life and the. Last night was one of those nights….
I went over the last 2 years of my life and realised that I have been such a douche…. I had been asking for independence and the ability to be my own person. Here I was berating over the fact that I was again all locked up in a relationship again and was not my own person anymore. Yet on closer inspection I have been my own worst enemy. 

Here I am in a perfect relationship and I could not even see it. I am with a man who is quite happy to be the quiet one. He has no qualms with me finding my own way, to be adventurous, to start new things. He is not standing my way at all, he is actually my lighthouse that stands there quietly and shows me the way when I lose it.

I have started my vegetable garden, changed my hair colour, gone down to Cape Town, finished an online counselling course and started my small online business and this gentle man has just stood by and allowed me my space. Here I have been frustrated over my life thinking that he is the one pulling me down yet I am the one that is pulling myself down. Yes, I am financially stunted but that is not his fault but my own.

So as the year of 2016 comes to an end I have come to the realisation that 2017 can only be one of the best years yet to come. As I prepare to enter the New Year with a new look on life it can only be good. I am independent, I am free, I am capable of doing whatever I put my mind to it. No more lamenting over the past spilt milk and time to get rocking onto my life as the good Lord intended me to.

So, Goodbye 2016 you were a good year…. Now it is time to say Hello to 2017 which I deem to be an even greater one.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Our Senses

Our senses. Sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.  Most of us don’t even use them to their fullest. Those that loose one of them find that the others become heightened. The blind find that their sense of smell, touch and taste become much more intense, especially sound. To the deaf they find that their sense of touch and smell become intense. We take them for granted until we lose one of them. We need to treasure what was given to us and not neglect them through time.

Have you ever just closed your eyes and then listened to the sounds that surround you. Close your eyes when you take a morsel of food and find how different food tastes. Allow your taste buds to explore the taste and texture of the food.  Sitting outside watching the sun set and the wonder hit me again. It is amazing how even our sight we take for granted. I was watching the bats weave and dip around the trees and structures. Their sense of sound in the sound waves they omit gives them the grace to fly so fast in the dark. I often sit outside in the cool afternoon and just close my eyes and clear my mind. I allow the sounds of my surroundings to filter through and relish the touch of the gentle breeze as it caresses my skin. I find myself at peace with the world and myself when I allow my senses to roam free.

When last have you actually sat down and look at the wonders around you. The wind gently teasing the leaves of the nearby tree, the sound of the bees as they hover over the sweet promise of nectar from the colourful flowers. Look at a child as they play and discover nature, the absolute pure joy in chasing a butterfly, the jumping over and in a puddle. When they taste something for the first time. God in His Infinite Wisdom blessed us with these wonders and when we have small children we tend to see all the wonders again through their eyes.  When we acknowledge our senses our lives become more enriched in my opinion. God has built this glorious wonderland called Earth for us to explore to the fullest.  We need to literally stop and smell the roses again, to breathe in that roasted coffee aroma, to feel the silkiness of running water as it flows over our skin. To see our world around us, to touch the softness of a baby’s skin. We need to wake up and become one with the universe around us. To stop being in robot mode and start to enjoy the life that we have been given.

We are not immortal and we need to remember this before it is too late. Life is for the living, we must remember that we are here to live and learn not just to make money and work and try to out do the next person. We cannot take our possession with us when we die. So enjoy what you have now.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Short Poem


Locked away
Screaming inside
Lost and alone
Fighting for sanity
Crawling to safety
Need freedom
Need to cry
Need to fly

Fire burning
Bright and high
Need to go
Need to shout
Need to scream

Need to GO

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Musings of 2016

As the year drawers to a close we tend to look back and see what we have done for the year. To be honest this year has flown by pretty quickly for me. A blink of an eye and the year is gone. This year I have gained a gorgeous little Grandson and have started a small online second hand book store called Ambrosia. I have started 2 blogs, one a personal diary type and now a funky travel blog. I hope that one day it will hit off and get some good followers.  I have finished a course in Methods of Counselling and have yet to receive the Certificate but have completed it with good marks. I am very proud of myself for that. I have planted a vegetable garden and am proud of the sweat I planted towards it. It has flourished and is showing much “fruit”.  As to personal growth I can’t say that I have grown much as a person. I seem to be stagnate in that area. I have had my ups and downs on the emotional rollercoaster. I have read a few very good books.

My dreams are still out there of international travel. Maybe the Gods will be good to me and grant me my dreams next year. I know that my country is beautiful and I so hope to be able to travel around it next year as well and post on my travel blog.

So, actually, when I look back on 2016 I have accomplished much even though I have thought that I have not. Maybe, it is not always about personal growth but what we have accomplished as a person. Who knows, maybe next year will be the year of personal growth. Time to get out the Christmas decorations and the tree and to be thankful for what I have and not long for that which I do not have. I should count my blessings daily and not get reminded of it. I have a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and now privacy as well. I have my health and I have my children and grandson and soon another is to join the family. Sometimes the finances are hard but at least I am not sleeping on the pavement. My sons have good jobs and good wives. They have good lives and I am truly blessed to say that I raised my boy’s right. To respect their elders and their parents. I have maybe not been the perfect Mother but my boys are well adjusted and independent men.

So as 2016 drawers to a close I look towards the future with open eyes, with the knowledge that the world is still wide and wonderful. That it holds much for me still. My dreams are still real and possible and I can do all things through His Grace.

The best is yet to come…..

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Cheese

The Cheese

I have just finished reading a very short book called Who Moved my Cheese and I must say it was a good “food for thought” book. Roughly it is about 2 mice called Sniff (sometimes we may act like him who sniffs out change early), Scurry (who scurries into action), 2 Littlepeople called Hem(who denies and resists change as he fears it will lead to something worse) and Haw(who learns to adapt in time when he sees changing can lead to something better.

The Cheese in the book is the thing we want the most. To some it is work orientated, a marriage, a relationship, health, freedom, spiritual peace, sport orientated or whatever it is that you believe it is that makes you happy. The mice are the simple side of us and the Littlepeople is the complex side of us. The 4 characters roam a maze looking for the Cheese until they find it. They go every day to take their fill of it. The mice, however, don’t just go and eat they sniff around the area every day and do not put away their running gear and hang it around their necks. The Littlepeople become very complacent and enjoy the cheese. They brag about it to their friends and family, bring their homes nearer to it and eventually become possessive of the cheese.  Till one day they come there to find that it is gone. The mice had arrived early (like they did every day) and when they found it gone they immediately went out into the maze again to go looking for it. The Littlepeople arrived late in the morning and when they found it gone they went into a tizz. This went on for awhile, every day they came back to the section hoping to find it back.

Sniff and Scurry had eventually found the new Cheese in a newer undiscovered section of the maze and enjoyed it. Hem and Haw refused to leave the comfort of the section that they knew to go looking until Haw finally realised that the Cheese was not coming back and left to go looking alone in the maze. Hem refused to leave and stayed where he was. During the course of Hem’s search in the maze he came to quite a few realisations about change. He finally lost his fear of the unknown and ventured further into the maze until he finally found the New Cheese and his 2 mice friends. He never again became complacent and kept his running shoes around his neck. He would check the section every day for possible change. He realised that Change was good and exciting.

This little book has made it clear to me again that I must embrace the change in my life. To look at it as an adventure, to expect another change soon enough and to be ready for it. To see change is to realise that life is awesome, even when it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. To face ones fears head on and to envision what you want in life. To paint that picture mentally or verbally every day until finally it is upon you.  I would recommend this book to anybody who is fighting change. Who is afraid of new things, to learn to perceive when change is about to happen and to follow it? So, no more ranting and raving over lost dreams for me. My life has changed for a reason and I will continue to paint the pictures of travel in my mind and will continue to talk about it as it will happen eventually. I have decided that I am Hem in this book and will move towards the change in my life. I will accept that things do not stay the say all the time. To stop being comfortable in my life. To face all the fears that I haven’t faced as yet. Maybe, that is my lesson to learn in life as yet. Maybe that is why I haven’t moved on yet.

Time to go into the Maze of Life and go and find My Cheese……….

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Chocolate Orgasm

Chocolate..... That secret delight that can take you places you have never experienced. How can one describe to a non chocolate eater the absolute exquisite feelings that you have when you indulge in the elicit joys of that sweet decadent heavenly delight. The warm sensation that fills your soul and takes you to that place where nobody can touch you. 

How does one eat a heavenly delight..... only with your eyes closed! 

One has to have all your  taste senses heightened when you indulge. First the scent of the chocolate.... it must fill up every pore of your body, then comes the taste..... the sensation must be of exotic warmth that takes you on a journey of absolute taste shattering experience. Then comes the feelings of  utter joy and contentment, the sigh of utter peace and happiness at the swallow of the last piece of glorious chocolate. The euphoria that fills your body afterwards is one of comfort, joy and peace. 

Whether it be pure chocolate or in cake or dessert form....nothing can replace that orgasmic feeling of pure elicit delights that come in the form of that tiny cocoa bean.....

Monday, 21 November 2016


There are different kinds of anger, the righteous one where you are angry over the way the world handles thing, the kind that has to do with animals, women and children and the such. That anger is controlled (to an extent) and can be explainable. Then there is the anger that is borderline on fury. That is the dangerous one, that kind of anger, if not controlled, can lead to such pain and misery. That kind of anger is the kind that builds up over time and has no escape. The anger that boils beneath the surface of a normally calm exterior. The feelings that have been built up through frustration and the fact that you just always want to avoid conflict and just live in peace.

Then one day it flows over and can become blind rage, the fury that flows from a person through their mouth is like acid rain. The words drip with the intent to hurt, to harm, to cause irreparable damage to the person unto whom the words are flung. You want to see that person hurt, to see them scorched by the words, to cause that person such pain that it would seem to ease your pain. I have tried to avoid such fury as I have been one to fling such violence and have seen the hurt in the eyes. The hurt that is so bad that it is never forgotten even when you are forgiven for it. I have tried so hard to contain myself and have been good for a good many years. But not yesterday....

Yesterday I felt it all boil over and out the words came. I must say though that I did contain myself in the sense that the most of the heat that I want to fling out I kept inside but enough was said to cause damage. Now I sit with the knowledge that I have broken up a family unit. That I caused the rift between a father and son. Even though he has said that it is not my fault and that he will stand behind me I feel that I am not a good person. I feel devastated yet I will not run after a child (22 years) and make peace because I yelled at his girlfriend.

Now as I type this I watch them walk passed with their belongings as they are both moving out the house. To allow the reader a bit of knowledge, His girlfriend is 22 as well and lazy and dirty, he is also unemployed, no car licence and also on the lazy side. He is stubborn and one minded and cannot take criticism  of any kind. He is always right and cannot have a decent conversation over things involving him or her without it turning into a loud yelling match. He has no respect for himself or for those around him.

Now do I take peace in the knowledge that I was okay to have those words or do I have to take stock of myself again and become the quiet mouse I was. Do I stand up for myself in the knowledge that I did not say all the damming words that I wanted to say.

All in all rage and fury and anger is not a good emotion to have.  I am devastated in the fact that I had let myself go and allowed it to flow from me. Words hurt and kill more than any weapon I know.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The unconditional love of an animal

How may of us know the unconditional love of an animal. The love that they give us should set an example of how we should love and accept others around us. I have 2 dogs and a gorgeous, very independent black cat. Now the 2 dogs are a cross between a Great Dane and a Boerboel and the other one is a black and tan Daschund (or Doxie). They are both males and have been neutered to prevent any aggression between them.

 My doxie (named Dobby due to his very long ears) has a nasty filthy habit of finding the Hadeda Birds poop and rolling in it..... always on the same spot by the right hand shoulder.... and then he always comes running to me to show me his delight! Well, straight into the bath he goes each time. But no matter how many times I plop him into the bath he will still come to me afterwards and does not even sulk (like most of them do). I call my boy "a nibbler" as he loves to nibble on my clothes as a sign of love... others get the sloppy wet kisses but me, I get the nibbles. During the day he is not much of a cuddle bunny and will rather just follow me around.  Bed time is cuddle time for him and me.... He will snuggle under the covers and rest his head on either my belly or lay in the crook of my arm with his head on my arm. 

My boerdane is another story altogether and is not ashamed of begging for attention and love at any given time of the day or night. He will lean into you or try to sit on your lap. He loves to have his ears scratched and will come and put his head down between your legs just so that you can scratch him. Now he is the one to watch out for.... Do not come near me when there is nobody at home or else he will eat you....  When I go out and walk to the shop he will look over the wall and howl to the world that his mommy has left him. Even when I am just outside the gate chatting he will sit and put up a stinker of a howl and this intern will set off Dobby the Doxie to howl with him.....

But all said and done to get back to the love that these animals have for their own is truly amazing. If only the world could have the simple joys of life like them. All they want is love and warmth and a bowl of food each day. Not much to ask is it? When you come back after a day out at work or just been out of their sight for 3 min. its like they have not seen you for 'the longest time' ever. The absolute joy at the sight of their loved one is truly a sight to behold. 

When you let them into your hearts it is to stay and when they have to leave this world to go over the Rainbow Bridge it is always heart wrenching. I once read that the reason that dogs live so short a life is that they have no lessons to learn only to show you what love is all about. Once you have learnt all that they can teach you then it is time for their short lives to come to an end and to leave you with the memories and warmth of their love. 

Saturday, 12 November 2016

New Ventures

Yesterday was a new venture by starting a Travel Blog on the WorldPress blogging site. It is called Granny on the Move and will be about my out and about time as I venture forth into the world of tasting and viewing. I intend to go to all the small places here in South Africa and find the gems that are hidden from view. Not the normal tourist places but the smaller ones that we miss. One day I will venture forth into the great world and visit the cultures of the world but till then I will travel around my own country experiencing the quaint towns and the quaint foodie places. I will explore it in the eyes of a Granny.

I will still have my online book store but I do need to venture forth and make things happen. Nobody else will make it happen so I need to move this delectable butt of mine and get things started. It's all about finding ones Passion again and I am going to enjoy doing it. 

The time is now, time is short and very precious so no more screwing around and making excuses. If I don't do it now I never will. So everyone its like Buzz Lightyear says: "To infinity and beyond." 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Finding the Passion again

The last time I posted was on how we loose our passions so quickly. All it takes is the right person to come along your path to redirect you again. Here I have been bemoaning my fate over loosing what I love in life to life itself. I had become my own Victim, one of my own making. I had come across a book called The  top five regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware and I found myself absorbed by the wisdom of the elderly and the dying. I found myself identifying with a few of the 5 regrets but the one that stood out was from a lady called Pearl that spoke about being the victim of ones own making. That the world around you was not there to make you happy or content but that you are responsible for your own happiness.  It was like the proverbial smack in the face.

It is true, we tend to think that those around us must make us happy, that it is the world's job to make things happen for us. We tend to shrink away from being forward and expressing what we really feel. That got me to thinking in a big way. Nobody else but me, myself and I is going to make me happy, truly happy. I keep on falling into that age old trap of expecting those around me to make things happen. I tend to forget that everyone has their own sense of responsibility to themselves. So I joined a lovely ladies group and got to meet a few of the most inspiring women. They both had problems worse than mine and they made a go at life. They did not just sit back, they worked hard at letting go and learning to move forward and to live whatever disabilities that they had. They did not let life stop them from living at all.

So now I am on a mission to find my passion for life again. It is going to be hard but I intend to push forward and motivate myself each day into doing something that will elevate me nearer to my goal. My passions, what are they?

I love the written word, I love to read and discuss books. I love the storytelling. I love to help people yet am an  incredibly shy person. I got to hear about Beta reading and am now trying to research on the matter and hope that I can find my niche in the written word society. I am much better at my thoughts than penning them to paper and have tried my hand at writing but have yet to find what is my field of writing. So I will pen them in private and maybe one day I will be struck with knowledge of what to write on. Fiction novels is a No no as I have tried and I for the life of me cannot do the " talking" parts. But I shall forge forth and I will succeed one way or another or at least go to my grave with the knowledge that I did try even if I could not do all that I desire to do.

So with this in mind I will say Adieu for now and enter into my own adventure of Finding My Passion again....

Monday, 10 October 2016

Lost Passions

When we are children we dream our dreams and live in our magic world filled with stars and rainbows. We are encouraged to continue to dream whilst small but it all changes when we hit adulthood. Then we are told to grow up and stop dreaming, to take responsibility and be an adult. We get jobs, marry, have children and leave our dreams, our passions behind us. There are the golden few that prevail and have it all and to them I take my hat off for staying true to themselves, unfortunately most of us bow down to society and become what is expected of us. To leave all the dreams to childhood. 

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we allow ourselves to be dictated by society and put our dreams, our passions on the shelves. To see ones passion die a slow death is liken to throwing water on a raging fire, to watch it slowly die out until it is nothing but blacken coals. Dead. 

It takes a drastic event in ones life for the realisation that we were stupid and weak. I thought my life had ended but in fact it was just the beginning. I needed to reawaken my dreams, to seek what i am passionate about, to reawaken and find myself again. To learn to love myself, to love life and to accept my past as it was. I needed to find the peace that i had lost along the way. Now I have a thirst to learn new things, I want to travel, I want to reawaken my passion in the written word. I am all I can be and the only thing that can really stop me or dampen my new awakening is myself.

If I allow myself to conform to my surroundings then I will disappear again like before. I need to keep it alive in myself. I need to fill my surroundings with my passion, with my dreams. I need to keep it alive or else I will slowly fade away again and I cannot allow that to happen.

I have spoken to a few ladies that I know and have found that they too have regrets which pertain to broken dreams, lost passions. That is the only regret I have so far in my life. To not have lived my life the way I wanted to. To have allowed myself to be sucked in by society and what they required of me. I gave my whole life to raising my children, to having a job. I don't regret my children only that I could have had them and still done what I wanted to do. But, as the saying goes, what is done, is done and no good crying over spilt milk. Now is the time of my life and I will fight to keep my passion and my dreams alive.

Whether I get to do it all is up to the Good Man Upstairs but I will prevail, I will keep them alive. 

We need to live our lives and not just exist day to day. That is not living at all. Fight to keep those dreams alive, feed your passion daily and believe in magic again. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A new day

A new day, a new dawn as the saying goes. Well, i am slowly learning how this blog thing is going. So far no comments or followings but that is okay. I am using this more as a journal to my life as it is right now. I can look back and know that i have had the case of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly times of my life.

So i have decided to get off my butt and stop being sorry for myself(again) and start my own small business of a second hand book store. Ambrosia Second Hand Books will become a reality and I will push forward, however slow it may start. Rome was not built in a day so neither is my bookstore.  I have also gone and made a veg and herb garden for myself. Nothing like good ole back breaking, manual labour to bring things back into perspective again. I have to keep remembering that only I can make myself happy and not others. The fact that i have hit the Peri menopause stage of my life doesn't help at all. Moods and flame on's and hot flushes are just soooo not in.... then there is the might brain fog that i have.

So, my new resolution (again) is to make myself happy and not depend on others to do it for me and to keep pushing forward with the books selling and my veggie garden.

Captain of our own destiny, time to put the words into action and this time not fall on my own face due to my own making.....


Saturday, 3 September 2016

New adventure

I have finally lifted my but and done it. Always spoke if starting a business of my own.  I have always love books and reading and spoke of opening up a book store. Well now I went ahead and started it.

Googled on how to open a business without money and blam this was one of them. So now I am the proud owner of Ambrosia Second Hand book store. Currently in the collection process and working out of the garage for the time being. Have had enquiries but yet to sell my first book.

So I am excited about the whole concept of being a business owner. I know that there is a long road ahead so with a deep breath I will forge forth and slay the dragons ahead.

Wish me well all ye plebs out there.

Monday, 8 August 2016


Writing and reading should go hand in hand one would think. But nope, nada it sure doesn't, well not with me, anyway. But I do want to write a novel of some sorts. So far I have tried my hand at Poetry (not good at all), a fiction novel based on my life (depressing)so shelved it.

Now I will try to write about the funny and humorous side of my life, which has quite a large amount of material to work from. So taking a page out of Erma Bombeck's books and here we go....
Now just to put the thoughts into words.

What with being a mother of 3 boys, plenty pets and just plain abundance of good work stories I should be able to write something decent.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dreams on hold again.

Sitting here feeling frustrated with my life right now. I feel lost and unsure of things at the moment. I know the saying of if you don't like your life change it but sometimes it's a bit hard to change if you are dependent on a person. I am trying hard to smile and change my attitude but am really feeling deflated and to an extent feel "robbed" of what I really wanted to do.

In my heart of hearts I want to travel and see the country and the world. But it means finances and that I don't have anymore. Here I sit again being sucked into a domestic life.

I had that for over 26 years and now I want to live my life the way I want. Now I am back to square one again. This is not how I want to live. Broken dreams again. Put on hold for what.....because of my own stupidity of letting a man take from me again.

I have not learnt a bloody thing it seems. Surely there is more to life than this. Stranded like a fool of my own making. I have an urgent need to experience new and different and exciting things. Life is getting short and I have sow much more I want to experience and learn and see.

All put on hold for what? Fustration at its peak... anybody out there who can hear my cries.....

Thursday, 2 June 2016


Lets talk tattoos......

I was raised that tattoos were EVIL and disgusting.... that it was a desecration of the body, of God's Temple. Henceforth, I always thought that those who had tattoos were not very nice people, that they were all scary and bad. So, I did the same with my sons.... I threatened them with certain DEATH should they ever even think of coming home and saying "hey Mom, check out my tattoo."

So all it was with them was talk, of how they would just get one.It shows you how ignorant one can be, how closed and narrow minded the previous generation was. Or rather how we were taught and how we carry on the tradition with our kids. Needless to say, that has all changed. My outlook in life has taken a drastic change. What caused that change, you wonder..... But believe it or not but a cheating husband did that and opened my eyes to the real world around me.

I had seperated from my now ex and started to realise that I had been living a lie my whole life. I was not the person I should be but what everyone else wanted me to be.... My eyes had been opened, the scales had fallen from them....

And what was one of the first things I went and did...... Yes, I went and got myself a TATTOO..... a small and meaningful one that is private. And yes, I am a Christian woman as well.... I had prayed over it and was never convicted.

So, I get home afterwards and show my sons that I went and did what I had always told them not to..... Yip you can imagine the reaction....... The horror of the fact that I went and had it done.... BEFORE any of them could do it.......

But yes, people judge way too quickly especially if they see a person with ink on them. To me it must have a meaning to it. Not a frivolous marking that you will regret later on in life. Think well before you decide to do it as it is for life. To those that ink there whole body, well, that is their own choosing and most of the time every single ink has a meaning to them.

My middle son has since gone out and had 2 tattoos. One is a huge heart tree on his back ( which was very sore) and is stunning, the other is also a personal one on his inner arm with the words and writing of his beloved late granny.

So yes, one needs to realise that not every person with a tattoo is evil and nasty, they have meaning, whether sentimental or inspirational a tattoo is a piece of themselves that they are putting on display for the world (or like me in private).

As to desecration the Temple of God (our body), I think one needs to realise that the times have changed and folk should not take the Bible and the Word so literally. To me it is a guideline on how to live, to inspire and to take wisdom from. I still feel no condemnation over my tattoo and I know that the Good Man Upstairs loves me and knows why I needed to do it. He is a Gracious God not a condemning One. And folk should not throw stones in glass houses I always say.

Find out what the person is like under the skin and not judge by the outer appearance. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Friday, 27 May 2016

So cold!

Back to reality time it seems...why can't a person stay in the peace and tranquility of Nature. 

Sitting in the Dr's room with a sick grandchild and looking around at the others sitting and waiting as well. All seem lost in thought, the occasional sniff or cough exploding into the silence of the room. Winter is arriving in full force it would seem.

I am bundled up in boots,  thick socks, scarf and jacket. I am NOT a winter person at all. Give me the warmth of the sun. Now I am like a lizard scuttling from one sun spot to another. If I could hibernate like the bears I would. Ok so I would admit that winter is nice for hot chocolate and blankets.  But oh how the ice cold air creeps into the bones now.

And when my feet are cold I am cold right through.

Nope give me Spring and Summer please!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Morning musing

My second last day here in the wine lands before I head back up to the dusty, beige town I now call home. Sitting here with my cuppa Honeybush and watching how the sun is taking hold of Table Mountain and the sleepy towns surrounding it. The morning mist lays like a thin blanket over most of the houses.

The sounds of life filtering up towards me.  It has been a good and relaxing 2 weeks. Filled with good food,  good wine and a birth of a new life. Nothing like it. But all good things need to end sometime just to give the body a recovery time... well mine needs it. Guess it's back to the gym for me next week to work off all the chocolate fondants, the Peacan tarts with clotted cream , the rich pastas, breakfasts of Eggs Benedict and not to forget all about the other yummy goodies.

Sitting here listening to the birds chattering and the ducks laughing as if they know what lays ahead for me. Back to reality it seems.....  but I shall not grumble over it at all as I shall attempt new things back home. I have a pottery lesson to plan (not a creative bone in my body, paint by numbers to try and a herb and veggie garden to plan.

So let's see what this day brings forth.....onward and upwards time.

Morning musings