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Monday, 10 October 2016

Lost Passions

When we are children we dream our dreams and live in our magic world filled with stars and rainbows. We are encouraged to continue to dream whilst small but it all changes when we hit adulthood. Then we are told to grow up and stop dreaming, to take responsibility and be an adult. We get jobs, marry, have children and leave our dreams, our passions behind us. There are the golden few that prevail and have it all and to them I take my hat off for staying true to themselves, unfortunately most of us bow down to society and become what is expected of us. To leave all the dreams to childhood. 

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we allow ourselves to be dictated by society and put our dreams, our passions on the shelves. To see ones passion die a slow death is liken to throwing water on a raging fire, to watch it slowly die out until it is nothing but blacken coals. Dead. 

It takes a drastic event in ones life for the realisation that we were stupid and weak. I thought my life had ended but in fact it was just the beginning. I needed to reawaken my dreams, to seek what i am passionate about, to reawaken and find myself again. To learn to love myself, to love life and to accept my past as it was. I needed to find the peace that i had lost along the way. Now I have a thirst to learn new things, I want to travel, I want to reawaken my passion in the written word. I am all I can be and the only thing that can really stop me or dampen my new awakening is myself.

If I allow myself to conform to my surroundings then I will disappear again like before. I need to keep it alive in myself. I need to fill my surroundings with my passion, with my dreams. I need to keep it alive or else I will slowly fade away again and I cannot allow that to happen.

I have spoken to a few ladies that I know and have found that they too have regrets which pertain to broken dreams, lost passions. That is the only regret I have so far in my life. To not have lived my life the way I wanted to. To have allowed myself to be sucked in by society and what they required of me. I gave my whole life to raising my children, to having a job. I don't regret my children only that I could have had them and still done what I wanted to do. But, as the saying goes, what is done, is done and no good crying over spilt milk. Now is the time of my life and I will fight to keep my passion and my dreams alive.

Whether I get to do it all is up to the Good Man Upstairs but I will prevail, I will keep them alive. 

We need to live our lives and not just exist day to day. That is not living at all. Fight to keep those dreams alive, feed your passion daily and believe in magic again.