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Friday, 27 May 2016

So cold!

Back to reality time it seems...why can't a person stay in the peace and tranquility of Nature. 

Sitting in the Dr's room with a sick grandchild and looking around at the others sitting and waiting as well. All seem lost in thought, the occasional sniff or cough exploding into the silence of the room. Winter is arriving in full force it would seem.

I am bundled up in boots,  thick socks, scarf and jacket. I am NOT a winter person at all. Give me the warmth of the sun. Now I am like a lizard scuttling from one sun spot to another. If I could hibernate like the bears I would. Ok so I would admit that winter is nice for hot chocolate and blankets.  But oh how the ice cold air creeps into the bones now.

And when my feet are cold I am cold right through.

Nope give me Spring and Summer please!

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