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Monday, 19 December 2016

Our Senses

Our senses. Sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.  Most of us don’t even use them to their fullest. Those that loose one of them find that the others become heightened. The blind find that their sense of smell, touch and taste become much more intense, especially sound. To the deaf they find that their sense of touch and smell become intense. We take them for granted until we lose one of them. We need to treasure what was given to us and not neglect them through time.

Have you ever just closed your eyes and then listened to the sounds that surround you. Close your eyes when you take a morsel of food and find how different food tastes. Allow your taste buds to explore the taste and texture of the food.  Sitting outside watching the sun set and the wonder hit me again. It is amazing how even our sight we take for granted. I was watching the bats weave and dip around the trees and structures. Their sense of sound in the sound waves they omit gives them the grace to fly so fast in the dark. I often sit outside in the cool afternoon and just close my eyes and clear my mind. I allow the sounds of my surroundings to filter through and relish the touch of the gentle breeze as it caresses my skin. I find myself at peace with the world and myself when I allow my senses to roam free.

When last have you actually sat down and look at the wonders around you. The wind gently teasing the leaves of the nearby tree, the sound of the bees as they hover over the sweet promise of nectar from the colourful flowers. Look at a child as they play and discover nature, the absolute pure joy in chasing a butterfly, the jumping over and in a puddle. When they taste something for the first time. God in His Infinite Wisdom blessed us with these wonders and when we have small children we tend to see all the wonders again through their eyes.  When we acknowledge our senses our lives become more enriched in my opinion. God has built this glorious wonderland called Earth for us to explore to the fullest.  We need to literally stop and smell the roses again, to breathe in that roasted coffee aroma, to feel the silkiness of running water as it flows over our skin. To see our world around us, to touch the softness of a baby’s skin. We need to wake up and become one with the universe around us. To stop being in robot mode and start to enjoy the life that we have been given.

We are not immortal and we need to remember this before it is too late. Life is for the living, we must remember that we are here to live and learn not just to make money and work and try to out do the next person. We cannot take our possession with us when we die. So enjoy what you have now.

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