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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Chocolate Orgasm

Chocolate..... That secret delight that can take you places you have never experienced. How can one describe to a non chocolate eater the absolute exquisite feelings that you have when you indulge in the elicit joys of that sweet decadent heavenly delight. The warm sensation that fills your soul and takes you to that place where nobody can touch you. 

How does one eat a heavenly delight..... only with your eyes closed! 

One has to have all your  taste senses heightened when you indulge. First the scent of the chocolate.... it must fill up every pore of your body, then comes the taste..... the sensation must be of exotic warmth that takes you on a journey of absolute taste shattering experience. Then comes the feelings of  utter joy and contentment, the sigh of utter peace and happiness at the swallow of the last piece of glorious chocolate. The euphoria that fills your body afterwards is one of comfort, joy and peace. 

Whether it be pure chocolate or in cake or dessert form....nothing can replace that orgasmic feeling of pure elicit delights that come in the form of that tiny cocoa bean.....

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