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Saturday, 12 November 2016

New Ventures

Yesterday was a new venture by starting a Travel Blog on the WorldPress blogging site. It is called Granny on the Move and will be about my out and about time as I venture forth into the world of tasting and viewing. I intend to go to all the small places here in South Africa and find the gems that are hidden from view. Not the normal tourist places but the smaller ones that we miss. One day I will venture forth into the great world and visit the cultures of the world but till then I will travel around my own country experiencing the quaint towns and the quaint foodie places. I will explore it in the eyes of a Granny.

I will still have my online book store but I do need to venture forth and make things happen. Nobody else will make it happen so I need to move this delectable butt of mine and get things started. It's all about finding ones Passion again and I am going to enjoy doing it. 

The time is now, time is short and very precious so no more screwing around and making excuses. If I don't do it now I never will. So everyone its like Buzz Lightyear says: "To infinity and beyond." 

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