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Thursday, 17 November 2016

The unconditional love of an animal

How may of us know the unconditional love of an animal. The love that they give us should set an example of how we should love and accept others around us. I have 2 dogs and a gorgeous, very independent black cat. Now the 2 dogs are a cross between a Great Dane and a Boerboel and the other one is a black and tan Daschund (or Doxie). They are both males and have been neutered to prevent any aggression between them.

 My doxie (named Dobby due to his very long ears) has a nasty filthy habit of finding the Hadeda Birds poop and rolling in it..... always on the same spot by the right hand shoulder.... and then he always comes running to me to show me his delight! Well, straight into the bath he goes each time. But no matter how many times I plop him into the bath he will still come to me afterwards and does not even sulk (like most of them do). I call my boy "a nibbler" as he loves to nibble on my clothes as a sign of love... others get the sloppy wet kisses but me, I get the nibbles. During the day he is not much of a cuddle bunny and will rather just follow me around.  Bed time is cuddle time for him and me.... He will snuggle under the covers and rest his head on either my belly or lay in the crook of my arm with his head on my arm. 

My boerdane is another story altogether and is not ashamed of begging for attention and love at any given time of the day or night. He will lean into you or try to sit on your lap. He loves to have his ears scratched and will come and put his head down between your legs just so that you can scratch him. Now he is the one to watch out for.... Do not come near me when there is nobody at home or else he will eat you....  When I go out and walk to the shop he will look over the wall and howl to the world that his mommy has left him. Even when I am just outside the gate chatting he will sit and put up a stinker of a howl and this intern will set off Dobby the Doxie to howl with him.....

But all said and done to get back to the love that these animals have for their own is truly amazing. If only the world could have the simple joys of life like them. All they want is love and warmth and a bowl of food each day. Not much to ask is it? When you come back after a day out at work or just been out of their sight for 3 min. its like they have not seen you for 'the longest time' ever. The absolute joy at the sight of their loved one is truly a sight to behold. 

When you let them into your hearts it is to stay and when they have to leave this world to go over the Rainbow Bridge it is always heart wrenching. I once read that the reason that dogs live so short a life is that they have no lessons to learn only to show you what love is all about. Once you have learnt all that they can teach you then it is time for their short lives to come to an end and to leave you with the memories and warmth of their love. 

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