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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Finding the Passion again

The last time I posted was on how we loose our passions so quickly. All it takes is the right person to come along your path to redirect you again. Here I have been bemoaning my fate over loosing what I love in life to life itself. I had become my own Victim, one of my own making. I had come across a book called The  top five regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware and I found myself absorbed by the wisdom of the elderly and the dying. I found myself identifying with a few of the 5 regrets but the one that stood out was from a lady called Pearl that spoke about being the victim of ones own making. That the world around you was not there to make you happy or content but that you are responsible for your own happiness.  It was like the proverbial smack in the face.

It is true, we tend to think that those around us must make us happy, that it is the world's job to make things happen for us. We tend to shrink away from being forward and expressing what we really feel. That got me to thinking in a big way. Nobody else but me, myself and I is going to make me happy, truly happy. I keep on falling into that age old trap of expecting those around me to make things happen. I tend to forget that everyone has their own sense of responsibility to themselves. So I joined a lovely ladies group and got to meet a few of the most inspiring women. They both had problems worse than mine and they made a go at life. They did not just sit back, they worked hard at letting go and learning to move forward and to live whatever disabilities that they had. They did not let life stop them from living at all.

So now I am on a mission to find my passion for life again. It is going to be hard but I intend to push forward and motivate myself each day into doing something that will elevate me nearer to my goal. My passions, what are they?

I love the written word, I love to read and discuss books. I love the storytelling. I love to help people yet am an  incredibly shy person. I got to hear about Beta reading and am now trying to research on the matter and hope that I can find my niche in the written word society. I am much better at my thoughts than penning them to paper and have tried my hand at writing but have yet to find what is my field of writing. So I will pen them in private and maybe one day I will be struck with knowledge of what to write on. Fiction novels is a No no as I have tried and I for the life of me cannot do the " talking" parts. But I shall forge forth and I will succeed one way or another or at least go to my grave with the knowledge that I did try even if I could not do all that I desire to do.

So with this in mind I will say Adieu for now and enter into my own adventure of Finding My Passion again....

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